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"Despite the several billion euros allocated to Africa, poverty is getting worse in that continent, as the sound report prepared by Mrs Martens indicates. I have not consulted with Mr Antunes, the representative of the Portuguese Presidency, or with Mr Van Hecke, but I wish to emphasise that cooperation with local African entities is a for financial aid to be effective. The economy needs assistance regarding the introduction of technology, awakening the spirit of entrepreneurship, encouraging citizens’ commitment and supporting individual initiative. Missionaries, for example, are engaged in such activities even though they do not have any funds, whereas the Union is not involved despite being able to count on substantial financial resources. One of the main challenges is education, that is to say, investment in human capital, which brings great benefits. Africa has also entered into certain commitments too, however. These include halting the import of arms and introducing certain legal provisions, notably regarding the right of property, which is essential for the development of the economy. I should like to conclude by saying that the role of governments must be understood as serving the people, and not benefiting from our aid as symbolised by the luxury cars used by representatives of African authorities."@en1

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