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"Madam President, Commissioners, Minister, this debate should move us further along the road to Lisbon and the summit, and we must thank the Portuguese Presidency for having focused its attentions on the relations between Europe and Africa. We hope that it will help Europeans to understand, finally, that their destiny is inextricably linked to that of Africa, that we can understand that Africa’s development is a condition for our prosperity and that we will not be able to control the migratory flows or have a secure energy supply without a strong partnership with Africa. We must be clear that it is not to help the poor people, but in our own interest. We must also be clear that the Africans sometimes listen to our declarations with little confidence and see them as rhetorical because we have not yet got beyond the colonial past to establish this solid partnership between equals that we all desire, that we announce, but that is still far from the reality. The job of modernising Africa is a huge one. The Africans have a great responsibility in this respect, but so do we. Without us – without our help, without our cooperation – they will not get out of the situation described in the Martens report, because they need not just trade but also aid and equal relationships to enable them to move beyond their past, for which, clearly, we are partly responsible."@en1

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