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"I would like to congratulate Mrs Martens on her report on the state of play of EU-Africa relations and for the proposed measures for improving these relations. It is a shame that Africa is still the poorest continent of the world. Despite the international aid granted by the EU and other countries, the poverty level has not been reduced; in fact it has increased. The Millennium Goals still need to be achieved. This is happening in Africa, the continent of the world richest in natural resources. The main reason for this is because raw materials are exported at the lowest prices, while high prices are paid for finished products. The situation could be transformed through the development of the processing industry, small- and medium-sized enterprises, the introduction of new work places and the encouragement of regional cooperation. There is no doubt, as pointed out in the report and highlighted continuously by the European Parliament, that education remains one of the key factors in the development of Africa’s independent economy. On the subject of the future of Africa, I would like to mention the military conflicts that continue to plague certain areas, such as Sudan, for years on end. On the one hand, this situation spells insecurity for both local and foreign investors. On the other hand, some countries exploit the conflicts for the purpose of increasing the production of raw materials under advantageous conditions. The EU and the international community should put more effort into resolving the military conflicts in Africa. This would boost the efficiency of the implementation of the Development Cooperation Programme."@en1

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