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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, I wish to compliment Mrs Martens on her work and acknowledge the political will of the EU and the African Union to build a joint strategy comprising numerous subjects of interest to both communities: from security to the environment, from migration to development and the promotion of human rights and democracy. In order for this strategy to be truly effective, the EU must build this partnership as of now, properly involving civil society and local parliaments. The EU must promote tangible, incisive action to safeguard human rights, freedom of expression and association and the principle of democracy, so that economic and social development on the African continent can be truly sustainable and involve all strata of African society. Furthermore, I would echo other colleagues in calling for the strongest possible commitment from the EU to achieving the Millennium Development Goals, combating AIDS – which is decimating the working population – and elaborating European policies that are genuinely consistent with the spirit of development cooperation, above all in the context of international trade."@en1

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