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". − As we highlighted earlier, many questions are raised by the negotiations on Turkey’s accession to the EU. This process is being encouraged by the major powers which, despite the contradictions, are aiming to integrate this great country into the EU’s ‘single market’, thereby gaining control of its economy and using its geo-strategic position for their own plans in the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia. The resolution is therefore illuminating in this respect as it underlines ‘the importance of Turkey as a transit hub for the diversification of gas supplies to the EU’ and ‘energy projects involving Turkey in the South Caucasus’, and also ‘the geo-strategic position of Turkey in the region’ whose ‘role in transportation and logistics will become more important in the coming years’. The following are some of the other important aspects that should be underlined: Turkey has not made any steps towards recognising Cyprus – an EU Member State – and still militarily occupies the north of this island and disregards UN resolutions on this issue; the Turkish authorities are still engaged in repression against the Kurdish people and are still denying their legitimate cultural, political, economic and social rights."@en1

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