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". I wish to support the amendments made to the text that has been submitted for today’s vote on relations between the European Union and Turkey and in doing so would recall the conclusions reached at the European Council held in Brussels in December 2006. These set out the principle whereby, as far as enlargement was concerned, the European Union would require each candidate country to comply fully with all the Copenhagen criteria, but that any enlargement would still be subject to the Union’s capacity for further integration. Quite a few of you will have been aware for some time of the doubts, or rather the concerns, that I have had about the European Union’s ability to continue to function properly if Turkey were to become one of its Member States. Of course Turkey is a ‘friendly’ country and in geo-strategic terms is a very important partner for the European Union. I am therefore completely in favour of the EU maintaining a privileged partnership with Turkey. However, I am fiercely opposed to that particular country becoming part the Community. Moreover, I believe that the problems of integrating Turkey as a potential Member State will become increasingly clear as the accession negotiations progress."@en1

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