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". I have chosen to support the report because the EU has conducted an unusually balanced discussion of the need to include nuclear energy in Europe’s future energy mix. Among other things, the report states that ‘nuclear energy is indispensable if basic energy needs are to be met in Europe in the medium term’, and that ‘nuclear energy is currently the largest low-carbon energy source in Europe and [it] stresses its potential role in combating climate change’. At present nuclear energy is responsible for one third of the EU’s electricity supply and will always be one of the most important energy sources in many EU Member States. When the issue of CO emissions is raised, it is unfortunate in my view that greater attention is not given to nuclear energy. If we are to meet future energy demand without greater dependence on fossil fuels and rising CO emissions, the development of safe, new nuclear energy will become increasingly important. Unfortunately, nuclear energy is not included among the measures that are considered to be realistic with a view to achieving the target of between 20% and 30% by 2020."@en1

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