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". Mr President, I have a request to make to the President of Parliament, not to you as President in the Chair, but to the President of the House. I have a request to make on behalf of my Group. However, I am sure I speak for all democratic groups in the House. I take the view, as do my colleagues, that the matter which I wish to raise is so serious that I must ask President Pöttering to take action against the individuals I am about to name. Major protests have occurred in Budapest over the last two days. There is nothing unusual about that: demonstrations are a normal occurrence in Europe’s capitals, and they sometimes spiral into violence. One might certainly object to that, but they cannot be prevented. However, there is a new dimension to the events that have occurred in Budapest in recent days, and I would like to tell you why. You can think what you like about Prime Minister Gyurcsány. You may be for him, or you may be against him. What is not acceptable, ladies and gentlemen … You may be for Prime Minister Gyurcsány or you may be against him. What is not acceptable, ladies and gentlemen – and I suggest that you look very carefully to see who is already trying to shout me down – what is not acceptable is that a Prime Minister in the European Union is branded a ‘dirty Jew’ during demonstrations. That adds a new dimension, and it is a dimension of the Fascists, on this side of the House. I would be grateful, Mr President, if you would ask Mr Pöttering to express the House’s overwhelming support for the issuing of a reprimand to these people."@en1

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