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"The summit may prove useful in resolving the ambiguities that continue to affect relations between the European Union and Moscow. However, Minister Amado has already been careful to lower the bar by explaining that the Presidency does not have an ambitious agenda for the Mafra summit. In a recent interview with his counterpart, Mr Lavrov, complained about the growing disease in the European Union, alluding to the unconstructive attitude of certain members. Yet what is poisoning our relations is the slow death of democracy, human rights, freedom of the press and rule of law in Russia and the impunity with which former members of the security forces are defining the agenda of the Russian Federation. This is worrying European public opinion and is reflected in our relations. The growing disease in the European Union, namely disagreement, is being treated and the Reform Treaty is a potent remedy. Unfortunately, there is no cure in sight for the drift towards autocracy of Putin’s Russia and, if the Council of the European Union continues to shut its eyes to the situation, it will take even longer to find a cure."@en1

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