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". Mr President, we hope that, as the press pointed out, the Portuguese autumn will be warmer than the Russian spring as far as the Samara Summit is concerned. As the Commissioner said, I believe that we need to continue working to build the strategic association with Russia, but the climate will depend more on Russia’s temperature than that of the European Union: to some extent in the light of what the Commissioner was saying, above all in the light of the new role that Russia wants to play on the international stage, and, in particular, as far as the security of energy supply is concerned. However, Mr President, this relationship has to be built on a series of pillars. The first is that any decision or any act against a Member State must be seen as a decision or act against the European Union as a whole. Secondly, Mr President, the European Union is irrevocably and unquestionably committed to human rights and it has to be very firm when defending those positions. In this respect, I feel that we should welcome the Russian Government’s decision to authorise and finally grant visas to the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance to allow it to have a meeting in Moscow. One aspect that gives cause for concern is the statement made, in relation to the recent summit of countries bordering the Caspian Sea, about forming a type of broad front to combat to some extent the regional and international threats and some positions in the United Nations. I am just finishing up, Mr President. Commissioner, Mr President-in-Office, defend with pragmatism the European Union’s interests, build this association, but do not forget that the figures have to match up to the ideals. I remember something I read in a recent – naturally excellent – article in : apparently at the Wiesbaden Summit Mr Putin told the Federal Chancellor, Mrs Merkel, that that was where Dostoyevsky had lost at roulette. I hope that the European Union is luckier in Portugal than the Russian writer was in Wiesbaden."@en1

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