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"Mr President, honourable Members, I want to thank you for this very substantive and timely debate shortly before we issue our progress report on Turkey on 6 November – that is, in two weeks. In the Commission we aim at presenting as objective and fair a report as the one presented by Ms Oomen-Ruijten. With today’s debate and your subsequent resolution, this House sends some very clear messages to Turkey. First of all, I think we all agree that now is the time to step up the reform efforts in the country for the sake of the Turkish citizens, yes, but also for making serious progress in the EU accession negotiations. Especially, there is very strong emphasis on reforms without unnecessary delay as regards the freedom of expression, the infamous Article 301 and other equivalent articles, as well as religious freedoms. Likewise, we need to see progress on women’s rights, trade union rights, as well as cultural and religious rights and international obligations over Turkey. Moreover, we condemn terrorist attacks and we understand the Turkish need to protect its citizens, but we also urge Turkey to seek a political solution in cooperation with Iraqi regional authorities and the international community and to show a sense of proportionality in its response to PKK terrorism. Concerning the Armenian issue, the Commission supports Parliament’s call, as expressed in your draft resolution, for a process of reconciliation between Turkey and Armenia. This is the best and most effective way that in time would lead to genuine results over reconciliation and justice. We also consider that all the issues in Turkey, including the Armenian issue, should be debated openly and peacefully within Turkish society in the name of freedom of expression. Therefore, the reform of Article 301 is also essential for a serious and effective debate on the Armenian issue that could lead to genuine reconciliation. The current restraints over freedom of expression have a chilling effect and even contribute to creating an atmosphere of intolerance and hatred, as was unfortunately and sadly shown in the case of the assassination of Hrant Dink earlier this year. Finally, we have to recall one thing. I do, and you have also, set very strong demands for Turkey as regards the reform process and rightly so. At the same time, we need to recall that the equation works only if both sides do what they have got to do. That means, when we are firm we also must be fair. We have to keep our word and stick to the accession perspective of Turkey as outlined in the negotiation mandate. Otherwise, we can shout as loud as we wish, but it would be like shouting for the forest. There would be no response, only a long silence."@en1

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