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"Mrs Ria Oomen-Ruijten carried out an outstanding piece of work when she found a compromise wording on a subject which divides this House. I am convinced, however, that in the future adopting such resolutions and reports, which strive to find compromises at the expense of not expressing Parliament’s views on contentious key issues, should be abandoned. Our efforts to achieve unanimity send Turkey a message which does not sufficiently reflect the different opinions on Turkish membership held both within this Parliament and among the European public. I will not conceal the fact that I consider the opening of accession negotiations with Turkey to be in itself a fundamental mistake. At the same time I am aware of and I respect the fact that not everyone in this House shares this view. The European public is itself strongly divided when it comes to this issue of key importance for the future of European integration. It is our duty to reflect this polarity. I would therefore hope that our future resolutions and reports clearly bear witness to this division within Parliament regarding the possible Turkish membership of the EU. While compromise is welcomed in many other areas discussed in Parliament, Turkish membership and EU-Turkey relations are not among them. Let us change the approach. Let us not continue producing reports and resolutions which attempt to give the impression of agreement and unanimity. Instead, let us show, through our agreement or disagreement with clearly formulated positions, that there is a division among us in the matter of Turkish membership. It is a question of our responsibility towards both the EU citizens and Turkey who do not deserve half-truths. I am certain that the Turkish people will welcome much more a communication on disunity rather than a concealment of the real situation, which both Parliament and Europe as a whole have been doing for a long time."@en1

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