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"Mr President, I am not sure what this morning’s debate is adding to the Turkish accession issue rather than giving an opportunity to a small number of vehement opponents of Turkish accession to repeat their arguments in this Chamber. Of course we should urge Turkey to show restraint and to act proportionately in response to the terrorist threat from northern Iraq but I note the criticisms this morning are being made by the very same people who in other debates have been against the European Union’s contribution to reconstruction in Iraq. I welcome the strategic partnership between the UK and Turkey announced by Prime Ministers Brown and Erdogan in London yesterday, including positive cooperation in combating organised crime and terrorism. I call on other Member States to do the same. I welcome the youngest female Turkish MP elected, Ayla Akat, who was in Brussels last week as one of a number of Kurdish MPs returned to the Turkish Parliament for the first time in 14 years, who give us hope that the problem of Kurdish cultural and political rights could be solved through democracy and not through violence."@en1

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