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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, one year on from the last resolution adopted by this House on EU-Turkey relations, it is sad to see that certain fundamental issues remain tragically topical. Turkey does not recognise Cyprus, to all intents and purposes a Member State of the European Union; freedom of the press is still curtailed, since Article 301 of the Penal Code has not yet been amended and Turkey persists in not acknowledging the genocide of the Armenian population in 1915. The recent appalling terrorist attack by the PKK, the ensuing robust response from the Turkish army and the threat to intervene in the northern part of Iraq unless the PKK ends its terrorist activities once and for all: these factors compound the dangerous and delicate geopolitical position in which Turkey finds itself. Some progress has of course been made. I am thinking in particular of the increased representation of women in the newly elected Turkish Parliament, in economic circles and in the academic world, but we need to ask ourselves now more than ever whether the Europe of tomorrow wishes to be a large political entity or to have a strong cultural identity, because these uncertainties play into the hands of Turkey which does not wish to stop being itself."@en1

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