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"Question No 54 by Daniel Caspary () In the vote on the Global Europe report on 22 May 2007, the European Parliament made clear its intention to maintain the current trade defence instruments and reject any relaxation in their application. How does the Commission intend to take this into account in its work on the future of the trade defence instruments? How is the contradiction between the statements by Commissioner Mandelson on the future of the trade defence instruments and the opinion of the European Parliament to be resolved? There is evidence that a modified administrative practice has led to a more restricted application of anti-dumping measures in various procedures. 'Community interest', in particular, is increasingly being interpreted in favour of importers and consumers and to the detriment of Community industry. Can the Commission state what justification there is for such a modification in application? Can the Commission provide any information on why no anti-dumping cases were accepted in the first half of 2007? Question No 55 by Laima Liucija Andrikiene () How does the Commission evaluate the results of the consultations on the Green Paper on the European Trade Policy? What will be the final proposal of the Commission considering the fact that the majority of stake holders seem not to support further liberalisation of this policy?"@en1
"Subject: Discussion on the future of the trade defence instruments"1
"Subject: EU trade defence instruments"1

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