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"We are some way from having to contemplate what would happen if the negotiations we are approaching, which have not even yet started, might fail. We are a long way from considering the implications or consequences of certain nations declining to sign up to, and making, appropriate commitments. Therefore, to have a discussion tonight about sanctions is, as I say, not only premature but also quite possibly counter-productive. It is the case that there are discussions going on within the Commission in the review of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and in the examination of the position, particularly, of energy-intensive industries under that scheme. The latter is fully taken into account in our common efforts to design an improved ETS, and the position of those industries will certainly be considered in the context of any international agreement that is negotiated and the implications for European industries, particularly energy-intensive ones, if we do not create the level playing field that we are seeking through negotiation."@en1

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