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"Mr President, a Europe anchored in solidarity: that is what we want. The 2008 budget contains some new elements that further demonstrate this. A more modern budget is also needed, however: one that is in keeping with the knowledge-based economy – and anchored in solidarity. At the initiative of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament, more financial assistance is to be provided to Palestine and Kosovo. This is essential, however complex. There are other issues, too, where Europe must show solidarity. Support is needed for the Global Health Fund and for my initiative to reinforce sexual and reproductive health and rights in poor countries, examples being the reduction of maternal mortality and the right to an abortion. This supports the emancipation of women, thus aiding the development of poor countries. Solidarity is also relevant when it comes to the reorganisation of the EU budget. The best way of doing this, of course, is to reduce agricultural subsidies, which is eminently feasible now that prices are high. Europe must invest in new technology, and Galileo has shown that there is room for another budget. We can live with lower agricultural subsidies, whilst Galileo stands for increased employment and innovation."@en1

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