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"Madam President, Vice-President of the Commission, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to reject the points made by Mrs Lichtenberger and Mr Romagnoli in their statements. Of course, there is no total reciprocity of rights, but compared with the previous situation, this is a balanced agreement, which is why we will be voting for it. If you take the view that this is not a balanced agreement, then by all means vote against it, but we agree with the rapporteur that this is a balanced first step and we also agree that a second step must follow. I of course support the rapporteur in his demand – as my colleague Mr Rack has said – that we should proceed to this second stage quickly. We should, quite simply, make use of what has now been agreed. I therefore urge the European airlines to utilise the new opportunities afforded to them by this agreement as regards their ownership and control rights, and to set up licensing operations and engage in branding policy and in part to participate in the US Government's programme. They should not be waiting for the second stage; they should be using the first stage now, so that when we enter the second stage of the negotiations we can benefit from initial experience and identify the areas where there are still deficits as regards our European companies' rights in the US market. We must also call on the Administration and our own Commission to capitalise on the opportunities afforded by this agreement and, for example, agree one-stop security on a more permanent basis. This can be achieved through the Joint Committee and in cooperation with the Administration, and we can show citizens that this agreement is beneficial for them, especially if they do not have to undergo a second security check at airports. My colleagues and I would like to thank the Commission for its good cooperation in this instance, but we must insist on similarly good cooperation in the second stage of the process. I warn the Americans to adopt Mr Oberstar's motion, for if they want to undermine this agreement with all their unilateral amendments, we will react sharply. Therefore, let us say to the Americans that we will gladly continue the talks between Congress and the European Parliament, but that they must not undermine the agreement with their biased interpretation."@en1

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