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"Madam President, this was not an easy undertaking, and I think that Mr Lamassoure, from the Group of the European People’s Party, and Mr Severin, from the Socialist Group, have presented us with a magnificent report that has a profound sense of being European and pro-European. Mr Stubb is right: this is one of the saddest debates that I have attended in this House, but I hope that tomorrow the result of the vote on this report will be one of the best moments that we experience, because this report, which is not only theirs but also belongs to the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, with 70 % support, firstly responds to what the Council has asked of this House; secondly applies the principle of degressive proportionality, thirdly, guarantees a representative Parliament, something that would have been impossible with the Treaty of Nice, partly because under this treaty, in an unjustifiable and unjustified way, some countries like Spain ended up with no proportional logic in terms of their representation. Fortunately, the proposal by Mr Lamassoure and Mr Severin, of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, adequately resolves this problem. This is the question: either this report or Nice. Either this report, with a representative Parliament, or Nice, with a Parliament that is not fully representative. All the promises we want can be made about this, but, of course, what we need is a realistic report so that at the Lisbon Summit, Parliament will have its efforts recognised, and also supported along with the adoption of the new Reform Treaty. Thank you very much."@en1

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