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"Mr President, Commissioner, I would like to echo the previous speakers who congratulated the rapporteur on her well-prepared report. It sends out a clear message from the European Parliament in support of the idea of establishing a European digital library. I am pleased to be able to remind the House that Poland was involved in promoting this idea. My country was represented amongst the six Heads of State and Government who launched it. The report presents convincing arguments in favour of the gradual implementation of this project. It suggests progressive inclusion of the various categories of cultural heritage, together with documents protected by copyright and related rights, always complying with legal restrictions in the area of intellectual property. The idea contained in the proposal whereby institutions other than libraries that are involved in the dissemination of culture could be included in the project is worthy of consideration. It is only right and proper for museums and archives to play an important part in this system too, as they have enjoyed strong links with libraries over the centuries. I have high hopes, especially in view of the plan to include in the coordination system for the European digital library not only scientific research on digitisation but also the very important issue of the protection of digital resources. I believe that in this way it will prove possible to develop common unified requirements regarding the proper storage of digital materials collected in libraries and archives, and also digital materials – archived, I must stress –collected elsewhere than in archives, in other words in museums and libraries. It is well known that for centuries these institutions have experienced difficulties in properly protecting archive material received from different sources. We are at last in a position to remedy the situation."@en1

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