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"Mr President, Mr Vice-President, ladies and gentlemen, many thanks on behalf of my Group! That is a fantastic idea – promoting mobility while taking measures to avoid disasters and environmental pollution. But you have stressed that you want to observe the principle of subsidiarity. When we read through the paper, you make very practical proposals, on city tolls and other matters for instance. How do you want to ensure that your good proposals and the debate we are all waiting for and which we will be having for a whole year do not lead to us telling cities and regions what to do, but only to an incentive actually to adopt best practice? We are agreed that we have to do something for cities and establish best practice. We are familiar with the accident statistics. In many cities and towns there is a high accident rate, but not in others. This is due to how matters are handled locally. How then do you want to manage the development of collective ideas without the cities and regions getting the feeling they are being patronised by Europe?"@en1

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