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"Mr President, Mr Vice-President of the Commission, we have no problems at all with what you have achieved in terms of improving efficiency in airspace, but your reply was quite clear. That reply was to the effect that Member States have not done their homework. Member States have not met the obligation that has existed since 2004 rapidly to create functional airspace blocks. On the one hand that results in the costs you referred to of up to EUR 3 billion, and on the other hand it also leads to environmental pollution. At the moment, we are discussing the introduction of emission trading in air transport, talking about 3% of air transport emissions. If we had sensible, rapid and efficient air transport management we could reduce fuel consumption by up to 12%, which would substantially reduce CO2 emissions. Mr Vice-President, you are a gentleman, but let us get to the crux of the matter: the Member States are not doing their homework. That is why we – you as the Commission and we as Parliament – must all tell the Member States: detention time! You have to catch up quickly now after falling so far behind. Yet that may not be enough. We must also threaten them with changing the bottom-up-, bottom-down approach. If Member States cannot manage to make progress on the truly vital question of air safety, air efficiency, the impact of air transport on the climate, then we expect that in 2008 the Commission will not just present a report saying that the Member States are improving in terms of creating airspace blocks, but that it will threaten the Member States. You can rely on our help. Then we will have to change the system and create the airspace blocks at European level. That is the stick we need in order to persuade Member States rapidly to create efficient, functional airspace blocks. I know how difficult that is, but kind words will get us nowhere. We must slowly begin to wave the big stick."@en1

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