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"Mr President, Mr Vice-President of the Commission, ladies and gentlemen, let me point out that the Commission itself said that logistics is a matter for the industry itself. I believe that is the right approach. I hope, therefore, that when the Commission presents its action plan, it will divide it up into measures we can take as a Community, measures the Member States can take, and measures it is up to the industry itself to take. Of course we have to reduce the red tape that is still an obstacle to coastal shipping, which has to fill in various forms, while HGVs can simply drive across the European Union. We must indeed cut back government bureaucracy and promote modern transport infrastructure and systems. Let us make no mistake, however. Logistics is a matter for the industry itself and we should not take on a burden we simply cannot afford. On gigaliners – perhaps it would be better to say either 60-tonners or 25m-long HGVs, for there are different categories – at this moment in time my Group is quite definitely against authorising their general use in transport. After all, in most parts of the European Union infrastructure such as bridges, crossings and roundabouts are certainly not suitable for such long or heavy HGVs. The State treasuries are not handing out any money for reinforcing the bridges or converting roundabouts. Given that transport situation, gigaliners produce considerable transport safety problems. Just imagine one of those 25-tonners coming round a bend in a small village, misjudging the bend and then trying to reverse! I think, therefore, we should continue doing what we have done in the past. We should authorise them in Finland and Sweden, which have huge open stretches for the transport of timber. In that regard, the Committee on Transport and Tourism has made a sensible suggestion. It says we should authorise these gigaliners in the Member States, but only subject to very stringent conditions, if we can show the Commission that the necessary transport security exists, that the necessary transport infrastructure exists. That means we should check those conditions in individual cases and for individual countries."@en1

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