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"Mr President, Mr Vice-President of the Commission, ladies and gentlemen, I should like to refer to three more aspects. In the consolidation of the third aviation package, it is crucial in terms of the transparency of air fares that there be no false bait advertising, and it is also relevant in this regard whether the flat-rate security charges levied on passengers actually match the costs of the security measures. I have the feeling that airports are using some of these security charges to obtain further remuneration for themselves. It is very important in the interests of the transparency of costs that security charges do indeed correspond to the costs incurred by security measures. Secondly, I should like to discuss competition between airports, and to do so from two angles. I should like to ask the Commissioner to give one or two examples without delay to show the extent to which the Commission’s guidelines for permissible (or impermissible) aid for regional airports in the Community are actually being applied. As I see it, there are a great many regional airports that are only being kept afloat by subsidies and will never be able to support themselves economically. In these cases, the Commission guidelines should actually be putting an end to the subsidies. Thirdly, this consolidation of the third aviation package changes the definition of an ‘airport system’ slightly. I would ask that the Commissioner elaborate on this, too, at some stage. It is unacceptable that, by law, an airport system can only exist if it serves the same conurbation, and that airports such as Frankfurt and Frankfurt Hahn can claim that, despite being 120 km apart, they serve the same conurbation and must therefore be recognised as an airport system. The Commissioner should on no account permit such mushrooming of what is recognised as an airport system."@en1

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