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"Mr President, Mr Vice-President of the Commission, ladies and gentlemen, that was interesting: Mr Meijer virtually recreating ancient railway history before our eyes. He, too, should have perceived the very idea of laying railway tracks from one village to another for freight transport as being as slow as it is unrealistic. Mr Cramer, nor can I share your simplistic demonising of the lorry. After all, lorry operators pay corporation tax, vehicle tax, petroleum tax and tolls – and so the assertion that lorries drive for free and competition is distorted is simply unrealistic. I fully share your view that it is not right for Poland’s Ministry of Finance to charge excessively high route prices – but that is an issue for the Polish Government, not European legislation, to deal with. We should perhaps remind the Polish Government that route prices are intended to promote rail transport rather than to reform the Polish budget situation – but this has absolutely nothing to do with the lorry. Mr President, I should like to ask you to ensure speedy implementation of the second railway package, too, by all Member States. After all, we pushed through the requirement that networks must have been opened up to the national and cross-border movement of goods by 1 January of this year, and I see this as a great opportunity to help European markets operate across borders. I should like to discuss one of the points the Commissioner raised, and I would ask him to elaborate on this. He said that the Commission is willing to help reduce the noise caused by rail trucks, and announced a communication on this. What I should like to know is when he plans to present this communication. Does he believe that this will put greater focus on European aspects, or will it open up possibilities for the granting of aid at national level? Noise pollution – for example, from trains passing through residential areas at night – is unacceptable in cities, in particular. If the Commissioner is prepared to provide help with this, we would be very grateful."@en1

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