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". Mr President, I do not believe that the fundamental objective of the Committee on Petitions’ excellent work is to bring down any particular regional government in Spain, however regrettable its actions may have been. What the Committee on Petitions has done is to act according to a politically unquestionable principle. When it comes to defending the rights of citizens, national sovereignty and national borders do not matter. The point is that, in certain Spanish autonomous communities, not in the whole of the country, certain regional autonomous governments are damaging the environment, damaging the sustainability of the citizens’ lives and hence violating individual and collective rights. This is happening in Valencia and it is happening in Madrid, which is my autonomous community. The President of the Community of Madrid has not just done it in the past, but she intends to continue doing so: just today, her projects were moving in that direction. We are not talking about houses, but, for example, she is determined to press ahead with a road project – previously the M-50, which she now calls the M-61 – which intends to destroy no less than the an area of crucial ecological importance. I would like to congratulate the Committee on Petitions and say that it has accepted the demands of the petitioners and citizens – and this resolution also does so – and furthermore I would like to express my support for this serious work and say that the insults to the integrity of this House and the members of that delegation were as unacceptable as some of the content that it is intended to maintained here. Doing what is right is more important than anything else."@en1
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