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"We shall not tire of saying that the European Constitution is not the problem, but rather the solution. I believe that those of us who were in the Convention can state that the Constitution that we drew up there is actually the best possible solution. For three reasons at least: because of the consensus it achieved, because of the significant advances it contains and also because it will enable us to complete the Political Union. What we now have to do — and this is the aim of the report by Mr Barón and Mr Brok — is rescue it; not mess it up, not confuse it, not turn it — to use a word from Italian politics — into the ‘ [thing]’. We need a constitution, not a ‘ ’ that is indefinable. To that end, I believe that we need to bear three factors in mind. Firstly, the message. I do not like the idea of stopping calling it a ‘Constitution’. I do not like the idea of getting rid of symbols. I do not even like the idea of changing its form in order to make it incomprehensible. If we have no choice but to do that, however, we must at least save its content. That content includes something that we forget to mention all too often: the extension of codecision and the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Furthermore, in view of the procedure, do we in this Parliament realise that we are talking about a process to rescue the Constitution that is too secretive, that is too intergovernmental? At the end of the day, we are talking about what we want, but we often do not know what we are talking about. I believe that the European Parliament must address the governments clearly, stating what this report says, but it must also address the national parliaments. If we reject the result of the IGC, we shall also call upon those parliaments to act accordingly. Let us act consistently, this time at least."@en1

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