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". Madam President, the ALDE Group strongly supports the Brok/Barón Crespo report and welcomes the clear, strong statements from the Council and the Commission this afternoon. We look forward to playing a part in supporting the Intergovernmental Conference that proceeds sharply to renegotiating and repackaging the Constitutional Treaty with the aim of substantively improving it. M. Sarkozy brings a refreshing pragmatism to French European policy, and I trust that Mr Brown will replicate M. Sarkozy’s performance when he becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The public mood is turning, especially in the Netherlands and Poland, where we can see a growing realisation that it is not in the interests of those countries to be inside a Union that is too feeble to act. In conclusion, I think it is possible to draw two principal thoughts from the period of reflection. The first is that we have to strengthen democracy inside the European institutions in Brussels and between the authorities here and national, regional and local governments. The second is that we should devise cleverer and more flexible ways to change the Treaties in future. Countries that still wish to refuse the package may have the legal veto, but they will not have the moral and political authority to block progress for everyone else."@en1

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