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". – Mr President, the resolution talks about the Wolfowitz affair in terms of ‘the World Bank’s failure to live up to the globally shared standards of transparency and democracy’. What utter humbug! Any standards of transparency and democracy in the world are practised on a strictly limited basis, and the European Union hardly sets an example. Mr Wolfowitz has been hounded out of office by those opposed to his anti-corruption agenda. The worst thing that the executive directors of the Bank could find to say against him was that ‘a number of mistakes were made’. If Mr Wolfowitz’s worst offence was giving his girlfriend a job, then it would hardly qualify as a minor error of judgement compared to the legendary levels of nepotism and corruption that the European Union has been guilty of over the years and the usual levels of corruption associated with the World Bank. Mr Wolfowitz wanted to clean it up and now he will not be able to, but it is an ill wind that cannot be used by the European Union to its advantage. This brings me to paragraph 6 of the resolution that calls for the Commission to have observer status at the Bank and for it to attend and intervene at certain councils. The key phrase here is ‘pending legal personality for the Union’. That legal personality depends on the ratification of the European Constitution that the European Union intends to stuff down the throats of the peoples of Europe whether they want it or not. President Bush should nominate a new head of the World Bank whose girlfriend or boyfriend already has a job and who will either clean it up or close it down, and he should make sure that the European Union is let nowhere near it in the meantime!"@en1

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