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". Mr President, Mr Wolfowitz belongs to the powerful Iraq War Bush gang. It was therefore no surprise to anyone that in June 2005 Uncle Sam appointed him to the lucrative post of President of the World Bank. What was surprising was the sheer audacity exhibited by this individual in provocatively arranging a generous pay increase for his girlfriend, and even more surprising was the shameless way in which he fought to stay in office, despite the worldwide outcry against him. Needless to say, during this fight he had the full backing of President Bush, himself not unaccustomed to shameful behaviour. The Wolfowitz affair may now be over, but the stench associated with the Bush Administration’s corrupt and evil running of the world remains firmly stuck to our nasal smell receptors. Let us hope and pray that, for the sake of the American people as well as for the rest of the world, soon enough Mr Bush and his warmongering associates will also find their way out of office. In adopting this motion for a resolution, we wish the World Bank good riddance to Mr Wolfowitz, and may better days ensue."@en1

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