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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the four-year war in Darfur gives little hope that human rights will be observed in countries at war. Although the appropriate documents have been signed, the commitments made have not been honoured. During the military conflict in Darfur about 200 000 people have perished, and 2.5 million of the province's people have become homeless. The country is rife with chaos and governmental self-indulgence. I would like to draw attention to the conditions which continue to provoke military conflict and allow for human rights breaches in Sudan. Whose arms are being used for the fighting in Darfur? According to Amnesty International, arms are being supplied to Darfur by China and Russia, although they deny it and have supported the UN Security Council resolution prohibiting the delivery of arms to Darfur. In addition, China has many energy and raw material interests in Sudan. They come to take profits and, it would appear, the unstable situation is to their advantage. Resolution of the conflict and rebuilding of human rights in Sudan will depend on the EU’s cooperation with interested parties and international organisations, and their commitments, which these countries are not honouring."@en1

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