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". Mr President, Sudan is perhaps best known for the conflict in Darfur, in which human rights abuses have reached gigantic proportions. However, Sudan is also a state where respect for human rights in general is seriously lacking throughout the country. This motion for a resolution reminds us again of the anachronistic and primitive judicial system applicable in Sudan, a system that allows the sentencing of women to death by stoning if found guilty of adultery and the sentencing of children to death. It is truly hard to believe that in the 21st century there are still governments that continue to tolerate and support such extraordinarily barbaric systems. We understand that Sudan is a very poor country, with many political and economic problems, but such problems should not be an excuse for not following a course of common-sense-guided progress towards upholding universal values of justice and democracy. Furthermore, we find it difficult to accept how religion can interfere to such drastic and occasionally sadistic effect in matters of criminal and civil law. We wish to send a strong message to the Sudanese Government that our patience is running out and the limits on our tolerance have long been exceeded. We demand that they implement an urgent revision of their judicial system, taking into consideration international law, UN conventions and respect for the human rights of the Sudanese people. We trust this will be done speedily, in order to avoid having to resort to more drastic persuasive measures."@en1

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