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". Mr President, the Commission has been closely following the debate on the future of Radio Caracas TV, and our concern was raised at the outset by the statement made by the President of Venezuela and members of the Venezuelan Government to the effect that the frequency would not be renewed as of 27 May. The Commission has raised this important issue with the Venezuelan authorities several times. We have always underlined each state’s sovereign right to organise and regulate its own broadcasting policies, but we have also stressed the importance that the European Union attaches to freedom of expression as the cornerstone of democracy and the rule of law. In its contacts with the Venezuelan Government, the Commission has also underlined its support for all initiatives aimed at promoting dialogue and mutual understanding and stressed that licensing procedures for the broadcast media should be transparent and non-discriminatory. The Commission received a letter in April from the head of television, Mr Granier, and members of Primero Justicia. It has also held meetings with the authorities and members of the Venezuelan Parliament and has listened carefully to the arguments and explanations offered by both sides. I wish to assure Parliament that the Commission is keeping a close eye on developments through its delegation in Venezuela and by virtue of its close cooperation with the diplomatic representations of EU Member States in Caracas."@en1

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