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"President Hugo Chávez has prevented Radio Caracas Televisión from renewing its license. Tens of thousands of Venezuelan citizens have gone out on to the streets to defend free broadcasting and they are expecting the help of democratic Europe. They are aware that if they lose their broadcasting freedom, what awaits them is the ‘Cuban way’. They are aware that they will soon be prisoners in their own country, just like the Cubans, without independent information, because they are losing the opportunity to decide their affairs through democratic means. Chávez is planning to silence the media and to crush the opposition, which is warning that nationalisation and autocracy are bringing to the country not development, but food rations for poor people on the one hand, and luxury and unlimited power for the communist oligarchy on the other. Venezuela, Cuba and Bolivia: this is a dangerous alliance of autocratic regimes spreading anti-democratic ideologies around Latin America and the Caribbean. Europe will not remain silent. We insist on Venezuela upholding its international obligations on human rights and on maintaining equal rights for independent media outlets."@en1

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