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"Mr President, the President of Venezuela, Mr Hugo Chavez, has said that he will not renew the licence of one of the largest private television stations, Radio Caracas TV, which has been broadcasting for 53 years. This move is nothing less than an attack on democracy and freedom of speech, as well as an attempt to undermine the position of private broadcasting companies that are critical of the Venezuelan Government. This decision is unacceptable and goes against all international treaties which Venezuela has signed and which compel it to respect the plurality of the media, not to mention the fact that Articles 57 and 58 of the Venezuelan constitution guarantee the freedom of speech, communication and information. Events taking place in Venezuela are extremely worrying, as they are yet another example of the flagrant abuse of human and civil rights in countries which call themselves democracies, such as Cuba, China or Venezuela. The death of Anna Politkovska, a Russian journalist who denounced the Kremlin’s activities in Chechnya, recently shocked the world. The European Union should clearly and emphatically denounce attempts to silence journalists who have dared to criticise the government. We cannot remain indifferent to the infringement of democratic principles."@en1

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