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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, the present resolution represents a further attempt by the conservative groups to exploit the subject of human rights for their own ends. This is not about the freedom of the media; it is about condemning the Venezuelan Government, one that has repeatedly received an overwhelming majority of the popular vote in democratic elections and is serious about fighting poverty and exploitation in its country – in contrast, of course, to most European governments, who with their neoliberal agenda are making the gulf between the haves and the have-nots ever wider. In fact, it is Europe where the tackling of the power of private media moguls and private media conglomerates, and the establishment of a genuinely democratic media culture, is long overdue. Instead of arrogantly interfering in Venezuelan media politics, therefore, it would be far more appropriate to follow the example of the democratic and social standard of the Bolivian revolution. Europe, too, has alternatives to neoliberalism."@en1

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