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". Mr President, when we speak about freedom of speech and the fact that President Chavez decided not to renew the licence of one of the largest radio and television networks in Venezuela, we should consider in general terms what the limits of freedom are. We agree that freedom is not absolute, that it is restricted for the good of others, that it is limited by moral principles and that it may be restricted by legal principles. Freedom must serve a purpose. The freedom of the press is the very cornerstone of useful freedom. That is why I am surprised that here, in this Chamber, there are those from the Left, as is often case, who are attempting to justify the fact that freedom can be limited simply because the freedom in question is that of political adversaries. Freedom for us, according to one of the previous speakers, is a good thing, but freedom for our adversaries is not. This kind of freedom is no freedom at all. This is something we have experienced and observed. We lived in a communist state where people said that freedom should exist, but only for us, and not for our adversaries, in keeping with the famous motto that ‘there is no freedom for enemies of freedom’. Communism fell and it seemed that we would have peace. Meanwhile, it turns out that Communism is like a hydra which springs back to life in various parts of the world and that there are those who defend it even here in this Chamber. They say that Mr Chavez is doing the right thing by silencing those he does not like, as it turns out that those people are also disliked by some of those present here. Ladies and gentlemen, let us beware of the Left, the extreme Left, which is always prepared to defend all restrictions placed on human rights when it suits their purposes."@en1

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