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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, an international campaign is being conducted to delegitimise Venezuela, its freely elected President and all its democratic institutions. There is a direct relationship between today’s debate and this international campaign; even the European Parliament is inappropriately debating an issue that is for the Venezuelan national government alone to decide. What is more, our debate focuses on an inappropriate sector, that of human rights violations, when in fact we all know that no human rights have been violated. The reality is that this represents a political move; it is no accident that this agenda item was put forward by a group of MEPs and not by an official European Parliament delegation as some have tried to claim, to be precise, by a group of MEPs who went to Venezuela and met with members of the opposition only. In reality, the non-renewal of the licence for Radio Caracas TV is a matter for the Venezuelan Government alone, and their decision respects the country’s laws and constitution. Radio Caracas TV will be able to transmit via cable, satellite and the Internet, and therefore those who claim that the decision represents an act that is hostile to freedom of expression know this to be a lie. There are a great number of cases in Europe in which frequency licences are not renewed and yet this Parliament has never spoken of human rights violations and curbing freedom of expression. The fact is that freedom of expression and pluralism of information and television broadcasts are guaranteed in Venezuela. In the particular case of Radio Caracas TV we are talking about a television station that played an active role in supporting the coup in 2002 and the oil blockade in 2002 and 2003. Any accusations of subversive activities should therefore be made to those who have encouraged the breakdown of Venezuela’s democratic and constitutional regime through a terrorist campaign and by manipulating information, and certainly not to a democratically elected government actively demonstrating its social commitment."@en1

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