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". We are firmly opposed to the resolution adopted by Parliament today, which trivialises and obfuscates the true, serious significance of the recent events in Estonia and forms part of attempts to rewrite history. Hence our vote against the resolution. The point must be made that the resolution fails to make any reference to acts of Nazism and Fascism in Estonia, such as the renewed veneration of collaborators with the Nazi occupiers, thereby hiding their participation in the brutal repression and systematic murder of thousands of people. The recent decision to remove a World War II memorial in honour of those who lost their lives in the cause of defeating the Nazis and Fascists – entailing the removal of human remains – from the centre of Tallinn is a further provocation which forms part of this revisionism. The citizens of Estonia legitimately expressed their opposition to this decision and their actions were brutally repressed. Added to this provocation is the unacceptable discrimination towards large sections of the Russian-speaking Estonian population, who are refused citizenship by the authorities. This is an issue that goes way beyond EU relations with the Russian Federation. All anti-fascists and democrats should join forces to express their indignation."@en1

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