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". Reluctantly, I voted for this report. I recognise that it is radically different from the one-sided version originally put before the Foreign Affairs Committee and thank those involved for those changes. Kashmir is a region divided by history and has become a cause of conflict, which has been perpetuated at times by government and militant action on both sides of the Line of Control. This is not simply an issue for governments but also for the Kashmiri people. I regret that Parliament did not vote to strengthen the commitment to the right of those people for self-determination through a plebiscite. I also regret that we did not strengthen our calls for the demilitarisation of the region. I recognise the role of insurgency but we must acknowledge that the Indian side has one of the highest ratios of military and security personnel to the population of any part of the world. We call for confidence-building measures and greater democracy: democracy cannot flourish in such circumstances. So, I wish the final report had been stronger on these crucial areas but I also recognise that this version now has a political value in EU relations with the peoples concerned."@en1

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