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". The European Union needs to equip itself with the instruments that will enable it to fight more effectively against organised crime, which knows no frontiers and is, lamentably, on the increase. In view of organised crime’s activities being spread over different areas, the European Union must coordinate and maximise the effect of its actions; while it must be able to respond, it must also put in place a policy of prevention. Putting this strategy in place will make for deeper understanding of problems and will make available the tools with which organised crime can better be fought, and one of our priorities is greater cooperation between the police in criminal matters by means of Europol, Eurojust and OLAF. A multi-disciplinary approach is of primary importance if we are to find the best possible way to keep organised criminal gangs in check, for we need to dismantle such organisations, bring the criminals in them to justice and deny them the proceeds of their crimes. The fight against money-laundering and weapons trafficking is among Europe’s priorities in this conflict, for these two types of organised crime serve the interests of terrorists."@en1

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