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". I am happy that Mr Newton Dunn’s own-initiative report has been adopted by a very large majority; for our House is thereby making several recommendations to the Council in respect of the drafting of a strategic concept for combating organised crime. The abolition of internal borders between the Member States belonging to the Schengen area is certainly a major advance for our fellow citizens, but it is also helpful to organised crime, and so the European Union has a particularly important part to play in this area. One fundamental and urgent requirement is that a policy of prevention be implemented and effective instruments put in place. If there is to be greater trust between states, and between their respective police forces in particular, then a great deal of progress needs to be made, and the countries from which we all come need to be pressed to set aside sufficient budgetary resources for their exchange and training programmes. Finally, this House of ours has highlighted the need not only for victim and witness protection schemes to be reinforced, but also for the promotion of campaigns making public opinion more aware of the traffic in human beings. For all these reasons, I have given the rapporteur my backing and have, in the final vote, cast my vote in favour of this report."@en1

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