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"Today’s recommendation from the European Parliament to the Council concerning the development of a strategic concept for tackling organised crime is an extremely important and welcome piece of news for Europe’s citizens. It is proof that the Union is fulfilling its central role in an area that requires the closest possible international cooperation. Such cooperation is already working extremely well, but it is no longer enough. Terrorism and other forms of organised crime know no boundaries and are also, quite literally, exploiting the benefits of our democratic system. We must therefore weigh up what are the most important values in any given situation: combating crime or unfettered freedom. The time has come for us to cut back on our wonderful unlimited freedom in situations where that freedom prevents us from protecting the most precious thing of all, namely life itself. The time has definitely come to change tack and to remove some internal obstacles, including those which protect illegally acquired economic and financial resources. The Council must provide Europol and Eurojust with greater independence and authority. This is a new strategic task, and it is a responsibility that we have towards the 500 million citizens of the EU."@en1

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