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". Mr President, I would like to explain the way I voted on Mr Gierek’s report on innovation. The most up-to-date economic analyses establish a direct relationship between research, development and innovation efforts and productivity, which is of particular interest to the majority of our countries with economies based on the services sector, for which productivity is perhaps one of their greatest weaknesses. All of this is taken up to a greater or lesser extent in the report, and for that reason I have voted in favour. I voted in favour, since the rapporteur has done a difficult and necessary job on an issue that is crucial in terms of achieving the Lisbon objectives, but which we have yet to deal with. In order to become an advanced knowledge-based society, not only do we have to be strong on technological research and development, that is to say on our capacity to generate, absorb, assimilate and communicate new knowledge and capacities to society and to companies, but we also have to be strong on the capacity to convert this knowledge into wealth and social well-being. That is innovation. Not all of the EU’s countries are at the same level in terms of the indicators defining a knowledge-based society, nor in terms of innovation efforts. Reducing these differences would benefit everybody. Innovation is probably the only instrument that can enable us, within a reasonable space of time, to achieve such important objectives as: 1) Improving the quality and competitiveness of our companies; 2) Making economic growth compatible with preserving the environment, and with quality of life and social cohesion. 3) Innovation makes it possible to maintain traditional sectors; 4) Naturally, innovation can contribute to substantially improving working conditions and also the integration of certain groups, such as disabled people."@en1

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