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"The report basically highlights the need for a broad innovation strategy in Europe, which would improve the competitiveness of its economy. The innovation strategy should be based on the creation of specialised areas of knowledge, the reform of patent laws and the introduction of tax incentives for companies investing in research and innovation. In order to make the exchange of knowledge between research institutions and economic entities easier, the rapporteur sees a need to promote specialised areas of knowledge in the Member States, greater trans-border cooperation and more intensive cooperation with experts from third countries. In keeping with the spirit of the report, I would say that the European Institute of Technology should create the necessary conditions for connecting centres of knowledge with companies by means of an emphasis on innovation and efforts to foster competition in economic sectors focusing on innovation. Another important part of the report is the emphasis it places on the need to reform European patent policy. We cannot deny that reliable and fair copyright protection and patent systems are key elements for building an economy, and a society, that is based on innovation and knowledge."@en1

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