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". The report views innovation as a variable in the internal market. It calls for the liberalisation of the markets and the systematic removal of obstacles to the free movement of goods, services and capital, to freedom of establishment and to the mobility of the workforce, all of which forms part of a capitalist approach based on competition and concentration. In order to deal with the under-funding of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development, the report follows the trend of providing for the use of structural funds and seeks ‘to promote and strengthen public-private partnerships’, in other words to put public investment at the mercy of private profit. What is needed is to promote public investment in research, education and innovation, on the basis of sustainable development strategies, in every country. This would help improve the quality of life, create jobs (with rights) and generate (fairly distributed) wealth. What are needed are strategies that oppose the commercialisation of knowledge, education and research and that oppose the idea that only highly profitable research, with market opportunities, can actually take place. What are needed are strategies that promote greater investment in education and training at all levels and that actually make it easier for SMEs to access existing programmes and actions."@en1

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