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". Reform of the system for intervention in support of maize is a matter of necessity. Although it is thought of as a safety rope in the event of difficulties and as a means of getting production flowing, the system is no longer – particularly in Hungary – playing only this primary role and constitutes nothing other than a business opportunity. It must not, however, be abandoned overnight, and certainly not only on the basis of an economic study relating to two exceptional marketing campaigns, and based on the problems of one Member State, namely Hungary. The Commission's proposal is unacceptable on the grounds of being premature and incapable of being managed by producers under favourable conditions. One must not treat speed and haste as being the same thing. Limiting the quantity eligible to benefit from the intervention system and re-examination at the time of the health check would be a good compromise between the need to act and the need to take the time to do so. Solutions to local problems need themselves to be local in nature, and Parliament’s response to the radical and ill conceived measure proposed by the Commission shall be to propose progressive reform, reflection, listening to agriculturalists and a re-examination at the time of the health check."@en1

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