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"Madam President, from the point of view of international human rights organisations, Kashmir has been one of the most volatile places on the map for the last 56 years. The civilian population has been in a difficult situation for many years and has received virtually no aid or protection from the international community. There is almost continuous fighting in Kashmir. Human rights organisations report that, since the Mujahadin insurrection in 1989, over 30 000 civilians have died in Kashmir. Kashmir should weigh heavily on our consciences. All European democracies that pride themselves on a tradition of dialogue and freedom, especially concerning matters of faith, seem not to notice or to ignore the tragedy facing the civilian population in Kashmir. The European Union has to take part in spreading and promoting democracy by all possible means, especially in areas which have been affected by armed religious or racial conflict for many years. At the moment, in view of the talks that are being held between India and Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir and which are, unfortunately, unlikely to end in success, we need the European Union to show a strong will to support the civilian population in Kashmir. We need the European Union to show the same sort of active attitude in supporting the peace process in Asia as it did when it backed the Orange Revolution and supported Aleksander Milinkiewicz by awarding him the Sacharov Prize. We should not forget that Asia will be the European Union’s most important partner in the future, thanks to its natural resources and manpower. Ignoring conflicts is a sign of ignorance and foolishness, something we cannot afford in the twenty-first century, knowing that weapons of mass destruction may be used in these conflicts."@en1

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