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"Mr President, Prime Minister, three elements puzzled and concerned me in your speech. Firstly, your determination to keep the three-pillar structure will contribute neither to simplifying nor to making more transparent the system of the Union, nor will it strengthen the capacity of the Union to act effectively. Secondly, I was quite unable to understand what you were saying on the issue of clarifying competences and the transfer of sovereignty. As we all know, sovereignty cannot be transferred and competences cannot be conferred without the full agreement of 27 Member States. Thirdly, your demand that national parliaments should be able to block the Union’s legislative process seems to me to be a severe assault not only upon the right of initiative of the Commission, but also upon the legislative prerogatives of the Council and Parliament. The setting-up of an effective third legislative chamber would be quite the opposite of simplifying, it would be an abuse of the principle of the separation of powers and it would certainly confuse the public. I would be grateful for a single example of where the [the Dutch House of Representatives] so far could have raised a complaint about a draft proposal breaching the principle of subsidiarity."@en1
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