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". There are few branches of the economy about which popular opinion is as divided as it is about the nuclear energy sector. Nuclear power plants have been regarded as both the flagships of technological development and as prime examples of taking safety risks with human life. One more reason why it is important to commit ourselves to assessment policies that dispassionately weigh the pros and cons of various methods of energy production. Now, at a time when debates on the need to take action against global climate change are intensifying, the extraordinarily low carbon dioxide emissions of nuclear power generation rarely plays a central role in the arguments. It is my conviction that with the growth of a unified and free European energy market, with the internalisation of the hitherto external costs of energy production and the dismantling of obstacles to the effective operation of the market, it will also be possible to consider rational investment decisions with regard to nuclear energy production. As regards risks concerning the environment and human health, it is inevitable that we will find solutions for a safe method of long-term storage and treatment of waste from large-scale nuclear activity, and for the currently unresolved problems of the safe operation of nuclear power plants. For this reason, we must take steps to make sure that research and development for the safe use of nuclear energy receives as much attention and support as possible."@en1

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